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The NFL Preseason is Here

The season is upon us.the preseason that is. Now it's time for holdouts, injuries and fights; and oh they will be playing a few games as well.

Why do first round draft picks have to holdout for money? They haven't even stepped on the field and they are complaining about their contract. Hey, prove yourself and then we will discuss your contract.just play the game!.What kind of example are you setting to your fellow teammates if you hold out for more money? For example, look at Mark Clayton of the Ravens. He was getting criticized by his coach and what do you think the veterans are thinking? You have Ray Lewis on your team. Do you think he is going to welcome you to camp? His way of welcoming you will be laying your ass out on the field.

Have fun your first day of training camp Mark!.What's up with Terrell Owens? Complains all summer about his contract but then shows up to training camp on time and surprises his teammates. Then he injuries his groin and sits out. Comes back and injures his groin again.

Maybe Owens should have spent more time this summer keeping himself in shape instead of complaining about his contract.Ricky Williams is back with the Dolphins. Didn't show too much in the Hall of Fame game against the Bears. But then again it?s preseason and Saban said he wouldn't play too much anyway.

Wonder what Ricky will do after the preseason is over and he starts his 4 game suspension. Think he'll stick around or will he get bored and go find himself again?.How about Kyle Orton though? He looked pretty comfortable in the pocket against the Dolphins.

Of course it was against the third string but still he looked impressive. Watch out Grossman, this fourth round pick could sneak up on you.Ty Law is staying in the AFC East by signing with the Jets on Monday. Will he make the Jets' defense better? Maybe not but when you have a 3 time super bowl winner on your team he brings some solid leadership to your team.

This could be a big boost for the Jets, we will just have to wait and see.Congrats to Dan Marino, Steve Young, Fritz Pollard and Benny Friedman for their induction into the Hall of Fame.These Thoughts and Ponders are part of the free weekly ezine called, Thehooks Book.

I am Dr. D and I will chat at you next week.


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By: Leo Mendelsohn


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