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Race Equipment Checklist for Mountain Bike Racers

I remember my first mountain bike race. Whenever I showed up, and was just about to change into my cycling outfit, I realized that I hadn't packed my clothes! Just kidding. But the reason I remembered them is that I had a checklist of everything I would need.

I don't want you to forget anything, so I decided to put my list online.You should print this out and hang it by your bike stuff so you can check everything off as it goes in your car. If you're preparing for your first race, or your eighty-first, better safe than sorry.Bike.

Water bottle (filled).CamelBak or Seat bag.--spare tube.

--tire levers.

--energy gel.
--patch kit.Helmet.Sunglasses.Jersey.

Undershirt (optional).Gloves.Shorts.Socks.

Shoes with cleats.Energy bar.Change of clothes.Post-race food and water.First-aid kit.Bike lock.

Camera or Camcorder.Towel.Baby wipes.Money.

Registration form and/or license.Light (for 24 hour races).

.About The Author.This article was written by Levi Bloom in 2004 and originally appeared on http://bloombikeshop.

com. Check out his site for more bike related information.

By: Levi Bloom


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