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LA Dodgers vs Atlanta Braves

The Braves loss a game against the Padres that only had two hits and they still manage to get the victory. It was the second time since 1985 that the Padres win a game with only two hits although the Braves had 5 hits only scored once in a game that was played in one of the toughest field to score the Petco Park.

The Braves are having a regular season so far. They are in third place in the NL East just behind the Mets and Philadelphia and if they want to have a chance to reach any of those two teams they'll need to start playing better baseball.

They are having some problems in the bullpen especially with Sosa that hasn't been the pitcher he was last season at all.

If Sosa manages to play like he did last year that will bring some depth to the bullpen that can give some continuity to this team. Hopefully they'll get into a winning streak that allows them to get closer to Philadelphia and New York.

1. Marcus Giles, 2nd B. 2. Edgar Renteria, SS.

3. Chipper Jones, 3rd B, 4. Andruw Jones, CF.

Jeff Francoeur, RF. 6. Ryan Langerhans, LF. 7.

Brian Jordan, 1st B. 8. Todd Pratt, C.

9. Jorge Sosa, P.

It seems that lately the Dodgers like to beat up the teams the play against. Last week against the Rockies Kenny Lofton hit a two-run triple, J.D.

Drew tripled home another run and the Dodgers extended their winning streak to a season-high six games with an 8-1 victory on Tuesday night.

"It's nice to know that we're going to put up some runs out there," starter Brad Penny said. "You knew Jeff Kent and Rafael Furcal were going to come around and start hitting the ball, because they're too good not to. Our defense is playing real good right now. We're not making the stupid mistakes we were earlier, and we're not making the stupid mistakes as pitchers that we were earlier when the team wasn't hitting."

They're in second place in the NL West behind Arizona and if they continue to play like they've been playing, they will certainty reach first place.

It should be a good season for the Dodgers that have a great team; they just needed some important hitters like Kenny Lofton, Rafael Furcal and Jeff Kent to come around.

This match up between the Dodgers and Braves will be very exciting for all the sports betting enthusiasts to make some bets, since both teams need the victory it should be a great game.

1. Rafael Furcal, SS. 2.

Kenny Lofton, CF. 3. Nomar Garciaparra, 1st B. 4.

J.D. Drew, RF.

5. Jeff Kent, 2nd B. 6. Willy Aybar, 3rd B. 7.

Andre Ethier, LF. 8. Russell Martin, C. 9.

Brad Penny, P.

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com.



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