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Big Changes Coming for the New York Yankees

Pitching coach Mel Stottlemyre, who is as close to manager Joe Torre as anyone in the Yankees organization, has announced he is walking away as he has grown tired of jabs George Steinbrenner has taken at the coaching staff this season.Let the mass exodus begin.Bench coach Joe Girardi is likely to be offered the Florida Marlins managerial job in the next few days.

If he doesn't land there, Tampa Bay is also courting him.GM Brian Cashman is less likely to leave, as he is held in high regard by Steinbrenner, but Philadelphia remains an option. Washington has also mentioned, but it's doubtful.Torre may opt to retire, instead of enduring two more years in the Bronx Zoo.The roster will look different in 2006, how much change depends on if Cashman returns.

Possibilities:.Gone for sure: Bernie, K Brown (won't be back, likely retires), the bullpen (except Mariano), Rey Sanchez,.Likely gone: Mussina, Tino, Flaherty (retirement), Womack.Possibly gone: Unit, Sierra, Bellhorn.Can't move Pavano or Wright with those big salaries.Free agent priorities: Bullpen, Centerfield, Everyday 1st basemen (Giambi full-time DH) Matsui resigns at a hefty price,.

Update on Yankees pitching coach situation:.The Yankees have wasted little time compiling their list of replacements for Mel Stottlemyre, targeting three of the biggest named pitching coaches in baseball, including Don Cooper of the Chicago White Sox, Dave Righetti of the San Francisco Giants and even longtime Braves pitching coach, Leo Mazzone.

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By: John Onan


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