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Archery Equipment Use of a Bow Stringer to String a Recurve Bow

Essential equipment for archery extends beyond the bow and arrow but that is obviously where you need to start.If you have selected to use a recurve bow in your bow hunting or archery endeavors, than you should consider investing in a bow stringer.A bow stringer is important and considered essential equipment for archery because restringing a recurve bow is hard to do, and if you don't use the bow stringer you take the risk of damaging your bow.

To correctly use this essential piece of archery equipment you first slide the biggest loop of your string over the bow's top limb. Next you attach the other loop of the string to the tip of the other limb.Now you hold the archery bow stringer.

You'll notice one end has a saddle while the other end has a cup. Slide the archery bow stringer's saddle over the bow's top limb winding the smaller cup over the tip of the bow's other limb. This is the limb onto which you've already attached the string.Now you take your recurve bow's handle and use your foot to block the stringer.

You should pull the handle vertically which will bend the bow. Make sure you support the bow stringer's saddle (part over upper limb) while you do this.When you have the bow's limbs bent enough the bow stringer should stay in place enough that you can now slide the string slowly up into the notch at the tip of the recurve bow's upper limb. Now remove the bow stringer after you've released it slowly. Make sure the string is where it should be.You now have a recurve bow that is fully assembled, using your essential piece of archery equipment, your bow stringer.

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By: Mark Petersen


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